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March 2010; Brassland

01 Cocodrillo
02 I Used to Do
03 On the Edge "Mysteries of Life" MP3
04 Red Seas
05 The Owl of Love
06 Adages of Cleansing
07 Last Song
08 To Hugo
09 Raise the Flag
10 We Were Here of the most evocative and appealing records of the year
- John Schaefer, NPR Music

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February 2006; Brassland

>> Medley from Lantern (5.3 MB "Mysteries of Life" MP3)
>> Lantern video on Youtube by Vincent Moon

01 Kapsburger
02 Canon
03 5/4
04 2:3:5
05 Death and the Maiden
06 Lantern
07 Tides of Washington Bridge
08 The Song of the Cricket
09 Fiddlegree
10 Compass
11 Voisins
12 Tides (Piano)

[T]his is music of such intense beauty that each successive piece is like another exquisite blow on a bruise.
- The Guardian (UK)

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January 2010; Brassland

01 Turn the River: Celeste Theme
02 Turn the River: Mandola Theme
03 On the Edge
04 Veil Waltz
05 Turn 13
06 Three-Two "Mysteries of Life" MP3
07 Colony Theme
08 Guitar 13
09 Parallel Man

Sonically expansive...timeless melancholy...
sublime beauty...[Clogs] whet the appetite with
Veil Waltz.
- John Kelman, All About Jazz

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August 2004; Brassland

01 Ananda Lahari
02 Pencil Stick "Mysteries of Life" MP3
03 Sticks & Nails
04 Beating Stick
05 Lady Go
06 River Stick
07 My Mister "Never Ending Bliss"
08 Witch Stick
09 Pitasi

When trying to describe Clogs' music to other folks, it might be better to forgo any genre distinctions and head straight for the thesaurus so you can find fresh and exciting ways to say 'sublime.'
- David Raposa, Pitchfork

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August 2003; Brassland

01 No. 6
02 Who's Down Now "Mysteries of Life" MP3
03 Turtle Soup
04 Scratched By The Briar Patch
05 No. 4
06 Swarms
07 No. 1
08 Gentler We
09 Lullaby For Sue
10 No. 3
11 Limp Waltz

The quartet is in top form here, lining even the moments of explosive agitation with utter patience and tenderness.
- Yadao, Village Voice

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July 2001; Brassland

01 Yeri Ali
02 Mysteries of Life
03 Thom's Night Out
04 My Husband's Village

05 I'm Very Sad "I'm Very Sad" MP3
06 Four Blue Poles
07 Sadness and Obsession
08 Ukifune

Few new CDs in any genre will do as much to challenge the way you listen to music.
- Andrew Ervin, Philadelphia City Paper

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February 2013; Brassland

01 A Hobson's Choice
02 The World Loves Me
03 The Sundown Song

[Newsome] sings an elegy for life's many cycles and the people that disappear with them, sounding bittersweet but resolutely at peace. [...] Clogs have always been stirring, but rarely this moving.
- Laura Snapes, Pitchfork

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August 2010; Brassland

01 Clogs (feat. Matt Berninger) - Last Song
02 No Bridge
03 Loev Song

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